Look what I got for 2018…

It’s very exciting!


I can’t believe how long I’ve been lusting/dreaming/salivating over one of these. It actually feels surreal that this is in my kitchen. A was slightly perturbed when I unpackaged it and started lovingly stroking the shiny yellow enamel. My preciousssss…

In terms of colour, I was really stuck between pistachio and majestic yellow. The pistachio had originally seemed more of a classic “me” colour, but then A said he didn’t like it, and once the yellow popped into my head I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so there we go.

The kitchen is pretty teeny, so there isn’t a lot of counter space for the KitchenAid, but we’ve just about managed to find a corner. And even though I haven’t had it long yet, I’ve made brownies, 3 batches of pastry, and some bread dough in it already. I can’t wait to try making a cake, and I think it will really come into its own when making sticky enriched bread doughs that sound a nightmare to roll out by hand. I’ll hopefully be keeping you posted!



2 thoughts on “Look what I got for 2018…

  1. YAAAAAAAY! Congratulations on joining the yellow kitchenaid club, it’s a beauty! I also considered the pistachio but have no regrets about the yellow. I love the cheery, buttery shade.

    Have you made butter icing in it yet? I was stunned how much more light and whippy it is compared to a standard hand held mixer.


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