Onto 2017

Christmas has been a week of dreamily pink morning skies, the fields heavy with mist and foliage sparkling with frost. The nights have been speckled with stars, and it has been glorious.

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

The blogging world is shiner and glossier than ever, but here I am, still pottering away in my corner of the internet. I’ve been crazily busy in the last couple of months but it’s so satisfying to look back at what we’ve achieved.


We moved house again for starters. A and I are now the proud owners of a tiny house deep in the middle of leafy countryside. We’ve left the stultifying atmosphere of decaying seaside resort behind, and now life is filled with the middle-class mediocrity that is trips to Homebase and planting bulbs in my garden. I can’t help but love it.

Amidst the turmoil on the world stage, there have been staycations in honey-coloured cottages tumbling with roses, jaunts down meandering pathways to hidden fishing villages, watching magnificent sunsets from the tip of a Greek island and simply standing in the garden in my pyjamas, toes sunk into the dewy grass.

I don’t bake anywhere near as much as I used to. Busy schedules and changing tastes mean I’m not as partial to some baked goods (macarons, I’m looking at you) as I used to be. A good savoury meal means just as much to me as a beautifully golden apple pie. That’s not to say I haven’t baked because I definitely have! I christened the new oven by baking a damply delicious orange and white chocolate cake. There have been s’mores brownies, cheesecake, chocolatey cookies, an apple crème fraîche cake and a gorgeously bouncy gingerbread sponge slathered in the most moreish of Biscoff cream cheese icing, pictured above. Most of these have remained unphotographed. It’s really rather relaxing to take a step back from making everything look deliciously photogenic, and not worry about collapsed cakes or exploding mince pies too much.

As we go into 2017, I think the most important message for me to remember is to relish these small delights. To not drive myself nuts trying to be like “everybody else,” to hold in check the desire for new things all the time, to remember that life must be lived as well as worked, and really, to stop checking that harbinger of bad news and social insecurity that is Facebook. I guess that’s my New Year’s resolution sorted then! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Onto 2017

  1. I was genuinely delighted to see you pop up in my blog reader! Hello! Beautiful writing and a deliciously festive looking cake. All the other unblogged cakes you’ve described sound fantastic too. I completely agree with your new year resolutions – relishing the small, simple things in life and stepping away from the dreaded facebook. I haven’t used it since summer and I haven’t missed it. It’s weirdly freeing not being faced with the daily barrage of baby/pet/holiday/wedding/dinner updates from friends and acquantances.

    P.S. Homebase is awesome. Happy new year!


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