The Future

The blogosphere is a funny old world. Trends come and go, and blogs are virtually unrecognisable from when I first started reading and writing, back in 2009.


I first started reading running blogs. I was training for my first race, and reading accounts of PE-hating girls turned marathon-running women was incredibly motivating and inspirational.

Then there were the baking blogs. I loved seeing creative flavour combinations, haphazard photos of those bakes that hadn’t gone quite right, and  honest accounts of what recipes worked and which ones bombed.

Nowadays, the balance has shifted. Baking has fallen out of fashion, and the health food, clean eating craze is everywhere. Those everyday blogs have stopped, or disappeared, in the wake of this newer, glossier movement.

Back then, these blogs were more or less the simple blogger/wordpress template types, with a homemade banner, and slightly blurry, out-of-focus or pixellated photos. Nowadays, blogs are like magazines – selling a lifestyle. It’s a carefully curated combination of fashion, beauty, and homewares and it’s pretty intimidating.

I do enjoy reading these blogs – just like I enjoy reading glossy women’s magazines. They’re great for an escapist read and a spot of daydreaming, but they do lack that intimacy that comes with smaller, more homely blogs. When you have thousands of readers, suddenly there’s an awful lot you don’t want to be sharing with the interwebs anymore.

I’m not really sure what’s going to happen with the future of my own, very little blog. It started out as my online space to ramble about everything and anything, then fell increasingly into the baking niche. I don’t bake anywhere near as much as I used to, and I think it might be refreshing to start writing about some different topics. So it will be interesting to see what happens!

What will you think about branching out into non-baking topics?



6 thoughts on “The Future

      1. Yes, blogs change all the time. Sometimes when not even wanting to! i recently had to change the theme i was using, as I started having problems with some posts and when I inquired for the reason I was told “the theme has retired”… Who knew themes retire??? 🙂


  1. I’d say go for it! Branch out if you have other interests you’re passionate about. I enjoy your writing as much as your baking so will continue to follow. I also hit a similar stumbling block last year as I follow as many lifestyle/fashion/sewing blogs as baking blogs so ended up feeling frustrated and restricted by my blog space. I debated started an entirely new blog as “what do you make of my cake” was only meant to be a temporary name until I thought of something better, but time passed and I’m stuck with the naff title. I just thought sod it and started blogging about sewing and knitting as well. People will pick and choose what they want to read and that’s fine.

    I’m also glad someone else noticed the lack of “homely” baking blogs lately. I was starting to think I just wasn’t very good at finding them anymore. A lot of the ones I used to follow when I first came on the scene in 2011 seem to have disappeared. I think the Great British Bake Off has had its day. By the way you can always rely on me for unglossy and haphazard baking posts. I have a good one coming up…

    Christ I’m chatty at 1am, sorry for the ramble. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  2. Haha Jo I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for your gorgeous bakes! I’ve really enjoyed seeing the way your blog has branched out into non-baking topics, and even though I’m not a sewer/knitter, I’ve loved seeing your creations take shape. I expect there’s going to be more general homeware/lifestyle stuff popping up round here – I guess it’s a sign of moving into your late twenties when cushions suddenly become fascinating. 😀


  3. I agree with the others – write whatever you like! My blog has always been a bit of this and that, even though we’re all told time and again that you’re “supposed” to keep focused on one theme only…start a second blog if you want to write about something else etc… Well my inspiration doesn’t arrive in neat compartments! I enjoy your baking posts but look forward to whatever else you decide to share.


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