Getting Cosy for Christmas

The days are short, and the nights long. Cosy is the word of the month, and great is the temptation to run amok in Anthropologie and festoon the flat with beautifully crafted garlands, kitsch tree decorations, and gloriously fragrant candles, thick with spiced and vanilla scents.

Sorry it’s been a little quieter around here on the blog over the last few weeks. I’ve been catching up with some much needed sleep, and lusting after incredibly inappropriate purple feather jackets. Clearly been watching a little too much Made in Chelsea!

I’ve already started bejazzling up the flat, and having great fun in the process too.  Despite the temptation to run around spending the entirety of my November paycheck, I’ve managed to hold the reins back.


This string of minature baubles is knotted onto some jute string (comes with the packaging). It cost me £2 in total, and I think it looks very colourful and snazzy! Then, some jazzy string lights (from Tiger again) for the stairs.


I also made some felt snowflakes for the windows, but they look ridiculously juvenile, like a three year old cut them out, so I’ll spare your eyes from them.

Soon time to find a tree, and then I’ll have an insanely fun time decorating it with the leftover baubles, and see what else I buy/concot/bake! Although I’m going to struggle with baking biscuits in my current oven, so we shall see what happens.

I can’t wait to open my advent calendar. We decided not to go for chocolate advent calendars this year (due to some misguided attempt at being ‘healthier’) so A kindly gifted me this fab looking Jonny Loves Rosie jewellery version!

Liebster Award

Before I forget too, many thanks to Jo for nominating me for a Liebster Award! I have seen it do the rounds before in the past, but I have to confess I never quite mustered up participating in the past! Here we go:

  1. I am a crisp fiend. Give me a family-sized bag and I will demolish it faster than you can say “salt-and-vingear.”
  2. Even though I’m supposed to be mature and grown-up I still love my soft toys. My boyfriend is resigned to the fact that he has to share his bed with not just me, but three other cuddly, furry friends.
  3. I have run three half-marathons, and now signed up for my fourth! Great way to burn off all the cakes.
  4. My fave season of the year is spring, followed closely by summer. I try and get in the mood for autumn but it just reminds me Winter is Coming …
  5. I was such a girly-girl that I didn’t own a pair of trousers until I was ten, and even then my parents had to cajole me to wear them.
  6. I just love watching Barefoot Contessa. From Ina Garten’s random friends popping by, to the table centrepieces of toy trains/DIY tools, the salads that are more cream and mayonnaise than vegetable, and of course, Ina being loved up with hubby Jeffrey, it’s hilarious.
  7. I am so bad at Guitar Hero I can’t even complete a song on the most basic level. E-musician, I am not.
  8. I did have piano lessons for 12 years though, so somebody tried.
  9. I’m a milk chocolate girl. Dark chocolate is alright, but when you get a chocolate-coated digestive biscuit, it’s milk chocolate all the way baby.
  10. My guilty pleasure is watching serial runs of Made in Chelsea in my pyjamas, surrounded by soft toys.
  11. I hate milk (probably as a consequence of being force-fed those horrid warm milk cartons at school) but butter, cream, cheese…no problems at all.

So now I get to nominate some other lovely bloggers.

Baking Stuff, Mostly Averagely: B’s writing never fails to make me laugh, and the recipes look both delicious and do-able.

The Very Hungry Baker: plenty of delicious looking bakes, especially the epic looking pizza pie!

Running Cupcake: Maria writes about running and baking. What a great balance!

One thought on “Getting Cosy for Christmas

  1. Yay, thanks for taking part. Impressed by 5 and loved 10. I also massively suck at e-music or dance games despite being a relatively coordinated/musical person!

    Your £2 string of baubles look lovely too.


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