Summery Scones

When the weather gets really hot, I never feel much in the mood for baking, with the exception of scones of course! They just epitomise summer for me, and I bake multiple batches every year without fail.

I also wonder every year why are scones in North America are so different from scones in the UK? I’m not sure I want one that is dyed pink with food colouring, or topped with cream cheese icing. A scone with some dried fruit is as about as exotic as a scone gets in the UK. Otherwise there’d be no room for the cream and jam!

Which in my book is surely the whole point of scones?

Sulking and Scones

I keep deviating from the tried-and-tested recipe every year to try out new ones. I think this one really is a keeper.

This scone recipe is from Like a Strawberry Milk, and is so simple. Flour, raising agent, butter, milk, and cream. A lick of egg yolk for the tops.

I love Fanny’s writing, which gets the balance just right between the necessary precision, yet airy, carefree, more romantic side of baking, along with nature, and snippets of an artistic presence that don’t otherwise exist much in my pragmatic household.

True to form, the scones were delicious. Thanks to the tips, they are also quite possibly the neatest risen, most glossy-topped, photogenic scones I have ever baked. Sadly my camera has been put out of action, but thankfully my new phone doesn’t take half bad photos, so you get to see how gorgeous these scones look too.

Sulking and Scones1

The only changes I made to Fanny’s recipe was to substitute plain flour and baking powder for cake flour mixed with self-raising flour. I only had spelt flour in the cupboard, and was worried this would make the scones too “wholemealy” and perhaps crumbly. The self-raising/cake flour combination worked great. I also rolled the scone dough out slightly thinner to 2cm thick instead of 3cm, as I couldn’t cut 6 scones out of the thicker dough. As you can see the scones rose a dream, so it really didn’t matter at all!

Next time I’m going to be really exotic, and put some sultanas in the mixture…hold onto your hats!

4 thoughts on “Summery Scones

  1. Your scones are beautiful! So tall and airy looking.

    And I completely agree that the only way to eat them is with jam and cream. Sometimes with strawberries too if I’m really pushing the boat out!


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