Jam and Clotted Cream Cake

It’s a simple combination but oh it’s a good one. Jam and cream, yum yum yum. Jam and clotted cream? Oh be still my beating heart! (Oh wait….)

As well as a heart attack waiting to happen, jam and clotted cream also sing of warm scones, the hum of bees amongst the roses, sunny skies and grassy picnics. It’s pretty much the epitome of an English summer. So I baked a victoria sponge, and smothered the cake in creamy jammy goodness.


My usual rigamarole is  brushing the cake in sugar syrup, then piping the cream in, sternly telling it to stay put, and filling the middle with jam, carefully arranged in cream-shaped crater so it doesn’t ooze out. This time, I felt supremely lazy, left out the syrup, slathered the filling onto the sponge willy-nilly, and immediately cut out a juicily large slice.


It was absolutely delicious. Just look at that thick layer of clotted cream! I’m a big fan of mascarpone-based icings as they are less sweet, but I think using clotted cream is another brilliant option and easier by far. No need for sugar, vanilla, or any prep really, just whip it to spreadable consistency and away you go!


I’m a real convert to using the best quality ingredients I can afford, and I really think it makes a huge difference. Lescure butter, jersey cream, and sponge flour all cost a pretty penny, but oh how delicious the cakes are as a result! A liked the last one I made for him so much he declared it too good to take into work to share with his colleagues! What a compliment.


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