Homemade HobNobs

My current first world problem woes:

I choked on a fly that flew/blew into my mouth as I was running. I then inadvertently swallowed it. Gross.

No matter how many times I sign up for their loyalty scheme, Anthropologie will not give me free online delivery, sob sob

I’m too much of a technological dinosaur to figure out how to work my new laptop after my old one died after six years solid service. Every time I press the touchpad, STRANGE THINGS happen.

Besides that, life is pretty good. I baked homemade HobNobs, and am pootling around getting ready for holiday time, hooray!


Much as I like richly packed chocolate-chip cookies, and slabs of gooey brownie, there’s something just so endearing about very simple, plain recipes from ancient home baking books. They’re tried and tested, they taste delicious, and you can most definitely eat quite a lot in one sitting.

This homemade HobNob recipe is from the ye ancient archives of MoneySavingExpert.com, oh yes. You can find it here.


They’re not exactly like the mass-produced original, but they’re singing from the same hymn sheet –  packed full of rolled oats, buttery, chewy and crunchy all at once. I’ve used margarine with them before, and they were delicious, but salted butter is the best.

The HobNobs turn out looking different every time I bake them, but they always taste fantastic – like a small flapjack-themed party in your mouth. This time I have a feeling that this time they finally look the way they ought to, i.e. like biscuits, and not hockey pucks or lace doilies.


If you can’t resist a bit of tinkering, I think replacing some of the oats with dessicated coconut would be a good shout, and I’ve done a version where I threw in some chopped white chocolate and cranberries, mmmm. Now I’m off to paint my nails and hopefully not screw them up. The last time I was so tired I fell asleep waiting for them to dry. Messy.


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