How to bake a wedding cake…?

Now, not a sign of my impending nuptials, but those of my friends, who have requested that I bake their wedding cake! How exciting/scary/responsible is that? Once my initial euphoria died down, I started getting down to some serious thinking. I’ve got plenty of time to get started, as the wedding is more likely to take place in 2017, but I’ve never made or decorated anything on so epic a scale before. It’s really quite terrifying!


There are so many factors to consider in the making of a wedding cake. The logistics of it are mindblogging. The cake has to be made in advance, in order for it to be decorated, then transported many miles to the wedding venue. Then it has to arrive immaculate, be assembled without toppling over, and somehow through all of that, the cake still has to be tasty inside? So I thought I would have a trial run at one tier. Forward planning or what?


I went for Peggy Porschen’s chocolate cake, cut it into four layers, and filled with vanilla buttercream. To test the ability of the cake to withstand days of sitting around, I baked it to real time, and only cut it open on day 5 after baking.


I was excited to find out whether the cake had retained the freshness of a newly baked cake or whether it had gone dry and stale. Happily it was still moist although I cut into again the next day to find it had dried out quite a lot.


The cake was also disgustingly sweet! I think it’s because the buttercream to cake ratio is so high, and the cake itself is also brushed with sugar syrup. Although four layers is pretty, two layers of cake and one layer of buttercream will provide a much nicer ratio of buttercream to cake.


The next stage to consider is how many tiers will be required. It’s a fairly big wedding so I may bake up to 4 tiers in total. That’s a lot of cake! It’s also important to consider that my friends may also want some variety in there too. Other options could include a victoria sponge layer, traditional fruit cake, and carrot cake. I haven’t cracked red velvet cake to include that in my repertoire yet, plus I’m nervous about using cream cheese/mascarpone-based icing on a cake that will have to sit around for so long in early summer. Ahh, the million possibilities! Anybody else baked a wedding cake before? Any great tips to share?


9 thoughts on “How to bake a wedding cake…?

  1. Douls fr holding it together are hugely effective.
    A ganache extra filling in the choc layrr can be effective giving that extra sturyness.
    Test ur fondants,some are terrible tasting.
    Don’t will be ok.always give utsel mre time than u think.
    Enjoy this,.xx.


  2. Wowee what an exciting (yet daunting!) task. Your fondant smoothing looks excellent, mine is always bumpy and cracked! Haha.
    I must admit I’m never very sure whether chocolate cake goes with fondant as it’s so sweet, and I love sweet!

    Not sure if I can pass on much advice as I’ve never baked a wedding cake, but it might be worth looking out for an almond based cake recipe since they generally keep moisture well. Or you could look for recipes which allow you to freeze the cakes in advance so it saves you a bit of prep work.


    1. Thanks Jo, practice is going to make perfect! Going to have the wedding cake talk with the bride and groom soon, so fingers crossed they are fairly easygoing and not going to ask for a quilted five tiered affair with sugarpaste roses!


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