Easter Biscuits

I went to a wedding recently, as one of the first of my schoolfriends got hitched. I’m at that age where this coming summer, and the next (and the next after that) will be a mass of multiple weddings I’m sure.

So along with wedding season starting, work being busy as usual, and some exciting exciting news I will share shortly, Easter has basically arrived before I barely realised it was Pancake Day. I bought a packet of marizpan with the full intent of creating a Simnel Cake, and then those plans kind of fell by the wayside.


So my big news?

I’m finally leaving London….yay!

In a few months, I will be decamping for life by the seaside, and I can’t wait. Although there’s plenty I love about the city, I’m not a Londoner born and bred, and I’m hoping for shorter commutes by foot rather than car, and change away from the frayed tempers, stress, and constant impatient bustle.

So while I continue to bustle (because I haven’t left yet) I’ve baked something very simple instead – these curranty, spiced, golden-brown Easter biscuits, with a light dusting of sugar.


It’s an oh so English biscuit, originating from the West country, delicious, yet only rolled out once a year to counteract all that chocolate.

There’s such fun in kneading out the black-studded dough, deftly cutting out circles before it sticks to the table, sprinkling the kitchen with brown sugar, and whipping them out, burning your fingertips as you scatter them onto a cooling rack.


Traditionally, the biscuits are made with oil of Cassia, but I made do with dried spices. They are also supposed to be stamped into rather big biscuits measuring approximately 10cm across, but I kept mine bite-size, perfect for nibbling on with a hot drink.

I wouldn’t rush to make these again, as they taste super similar to the supermarket fruit shortcake biscuits. If you do fancy giving them a spin, then I used a Mary Berry recipe which can be found here. The only changes I made from the written recipe were replacing ordinary flour with spelt flour, and caster sugar with light brown sugar.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be extraordinarily busy with work and getting ready for my move, so perhaps there will be a bit less time for baking and blogging. I will do my best to throw in all my experiments in the kitchen whenever I get the chance, and A has suggested perhaps more savoury food might be in order. As I may have mentioned before, I am pretty crap at non-baking related kitchen activity, so keep watching this space for some future kitchen disasters *ahem* genius creations!


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