Chocolate Layer Cake

Five signs you are a baking blogger:


1. You have enough cake stands to fill a museum

2. Your kitchen is full of weird baking implements, like a cake saw. And you bought a blowtorch just in case.

3. There is never a lack of baked goods to eat round the house. Otherwise, you are either having a life crisis, or in the kitchen busily whipping up the next batch.

4. Your weekly shopping includes two of the following: butter, caster sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, or chocolate.

5. You bake your own birthday cake. And before it’s time to eat it, you cut out a slice for photography purposes, then slide it back in, and patch the icing back together again. Shhh


This chocolate cake is loosely adapted from Geraldene Holt’s Cakes. It’s essentially a chocolate victoria sponge, gently brushed with syrup, filled with whipped double cream, and draped in an excess of glorious chocolate ganache. I didn’t add any cinnamon as per Holt’s recipe, because chocolate-and-cinnamon is not my favourite flavour combo.

This cake actually had a bit of a disaster post-baking. The top half split into three pieces, when I was trying to move the cake around, and I had to stick them back together with a dab of leftover ganache. You can’t tell to look from looking at it though! Phew!


The “Happy Birthday” candles are from Waitrose. I do like a novelty candle. For my brother’s birthday cake, I used a firework candle, which was the most exciting thing to happen to my parents since perhaps his actual birth. Next time I’m going to hunt down one of those flower-shaped ones that spin around and play music.


I’ve never put whipped cream in my cakes before, but I’m certainly going to do it again in future. It adds a lovely lightness, a bit of extra moisture, and isn’t too sweet. I am definitely noticing I’m nowhere near as fond of sweet foods as I was as a teenager. This cake has the richness and flavour you want, but there isn’t too much sugar to overwhelm and make you feel sick afterwards.

This cake has a very very delicate crumb (hence why the top layer broke so easily). I think it was also a tiny bit on the dry side. Holt suggests baking it for 30-35 minutes, and I’m sure I baked it for 36. I seem to frequently bake my cakes a little over because I’m so paranoid that they’ll be underbaked and raw in the middle when I test them. So next time I would definitely reduce the baking time by 4 minutes, and hopefully stop overbaking so many of my cakes in the future!


11 thoughts on “Chocolate Layer Cake

  1. “Your weekly shopping includes two of the following: butter, caster sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, or chocolate”

    Haha I have to agree! That is me exactly 🙂 This cake looks wonderful, I’m sure it was delicious!


  2. You totally speak the truth. I recognized myself in all those points! And I tend to make mistakes when I make my own birthday cake, so I could totally relate to the cake breaking up. Sadly, I make worse mistakes like forgetting to put the sugar, or not putting enough leavening agents.


    1. Yes! What is it with birthday cakes always being the ones to go wrong? Although the baking process is half the fun. I guess you can always have a tasty bakery cake on standby in case the homemade one goes wrong, and if it doesn’t, there’s even more cake to go round, which is great right? 😀

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  3. “You have enough cake stands to fill a museum” GUILTY! Hahaha. I’m running out of places to put them. I even use one of my three tiered cakestands to store my jewellery.

    I’ve broken cakes before too. Thankfully a blob of icing or jam usually rescues them. You certainly wouldn’t know you had a breaking disaster here. It looks like a mighty fine cake.


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