Salted Caramel Shortbread

Fed up of green juices and January detoxes? Fancy a little square of chewy salted caramel, sandwiched between buttery shortbread and chocolate instead?


This salted caramel shortbread is so deliciously indulgent, it uses up a whole pat of butter, a family bar of chocolate, and an entire tin of condensed milk in the making. It sounds like it’s too much, but wait until you try a square. They are so moreish, it’s hard to stop at one!


I baked them on Thursday evening, and left the caramel and chocolate to set overnight, so all through Friday at work, I had the comforting thought that a tray of these were waiting for me at home. What a great start to the weekend! I adapted these from this recipe here on



2 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Shortbread

  1. I could probably eat an embarrassing amount of these, they look so good! That second photo especially, a glorious thick layer of caramel. I love it when the caramel has a bit of a “chew” to it. It upsets me when I see millionaire’s shortbread in cafes and the caramel is too pale/hasn’t been boiled long enough!


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