Fall into this Chocolate Cake

Three-thirty in the afternoon.

Hungrily snapping up the last of the mellow January sunlight.


Trying to capture the sheen of the crackly surface, of this almost flourless chocolate cake. The sides standing proudly tall, the centre deeply cratered. Tenatively hiding behind its uneven planes, lies the darkest, richest melt-in-your-mouth-texture.


A rich cake, perfect for sharing. In teeny slices, a flake of salt to whet the tastebuds, and a spoonful of smooth, cold, sharp cream.

Another treat for my self-dubbed “Chocolate January.” The recipe can be found in my old post here.

This almost flourless chocolate cake doesn’t contain any raising agent, so the rise relies entirely on whisking prowess. If you don’t want it to puff up so dramatically, simply whisk the mixture for a shorter period of time.

I think it would be perfectly amenable to adaptation with the addition of some ground nuts, or a drop of citrus oil. Play around with the flavours, it’s a perfect blank canvas!


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