Parma Ham, Leek and Gruyère Tart

I had a few days off recently, and used them to literally wander around central London, gorging myself on delicious things. Then I would trundle back home and cook up yet more yummy dishes, like this puff pastry tart for example.

I’ve always got a bit of puff pastry hiding in the freezer, and whilst there are loads of great uses for it (cheese straws, sausage rolls, jammy tarts, tarte tatin, a pie)….my favourite remains a savoury open tart.


It was really scrummy, though I will be making a few alterations (as always) to make it even better! 🙂

I forgot to sautée the leeks, and they were as a result a little crisp, and scorched. I would definitely remember that next time, as well as upping the quantity of ham, and reducing the cheese.


Beware flimsy baking trays! Mine warped, with one corner leaping a spectacular 3 inches. As a consequence, my tart didn’t emerge from the oven quite as neatly rectangular as I had hoped, and more of a rusticated rhombus.

I’ve got another half block of pastry, so I’ll be sure to try this tart again in the next few weeks, and feedback on how it turns out. I’ve also got a veggie-friendly mushroom version that I made earlier this year.


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