Vanilla, Cherry and Mascarpone Cake

It’s so inviting – warmly golden, springy vanilla flecked sponge, softly whipped mascarpone, and a generous sticky layer of cherry jam. This teatime favourite never fails to fill me with delight, and as a final adieu to the summer months, it is perfect. Is there much else better than homemade cake, fresh out of the oven?


Cakes and cream teas are synonymous in my mind with quaint little cafes, found in seaside towns, picturesque villages and plenty of fresh outdoors air. Whenever I leave the Big City for a respite, I’m drawn to these places like a bee to nectar, mentally tasting all the tempting counter offerings and going back home to make my own instead.


Despite the fancy name, this is indeed a jazzed up Victoria sponge. How can you go wrong with such a classic? Black cherry jam is a tasty revelation. The vivid colour alone makes me happy 🙂


I should have made this cake for my work bake off competition! I dithered and hmmed, and in the end, submitted a last-minute lacklustre, hastily knocked up cake that I wasn’t happy with at all. It goes to show that good cake doesn’t like to be rushed. With patience, precision, and willing mouths, you’ll be rewarded richly.


I’m a little sad that the days are shorter now, so I have take to take pictures in artifical light. It’s a little more tricky, but an enjoyable challenge!

7 thoughts on “Vanilla, Cherry and Mascarpone Cake

  1. I was drooling at the picture before I even started reading! I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get fed up with making, eating or looking at Victoria sponge variations. Love your idea of adding a sugar syrup.


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