Chocolate Stuffed Cookies

I’ve also got a little confession to make. Despite my previous protests, I’ve actually made it all the way to Season 4 of Game of Thrones. It’s still a little too gory for me, but a lot more watchable than I gave it credit for at the beginning, and I definitely prefer it to the books. Also, despite my previous assertions, I have seen cakes crop up a few times, although their association with the inspid Sansa doesn’t go a long way with me.

Anyway, today’s post is not about Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes, but a particular favourite of mine – palm-sized cookies, stuffed full of chocolate. If you have a mild addiction to Ben’s Cookies, these will provide you with some respite.


Based on a Hummingbird Bakery recipe, they’re almost like brownies in a cookie, rich and utterly delicious.


They more than made up for my iffy week of commuting. Driving to work everyday is proving a massive pain in the backside. Prior to this year I had never driven in London before, and considered myself a pretty decent driver. I guess driving in the Big Smoke is a whole different kettle of fish. After being slapped with two parking tickets and several near-misses, I was starting to wonder whether I should be on the roads at all!


Oh for the days when I could walk everywhere! I guess London has its ups and downs. I don’t have the luxury of walking everywhere anymore, but I do have some yummy cookies to keep me company whilst I fume in the rush hour traffic jams.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Stuffed Cookies

  1. Those look fantastic. Oh what I would give to eat one right now!! I really need to try out that Hummingbird Bakery recipe.

    Seriously impressed you drive in London. I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt it. Also impressed that you’ve continued with Game of Thrones!


    1. Do, it’s one of the best recipes from the book! I really wouldn’t drive in London if I could – as I’m sure you can see, it’s total mayhem/chaos! Saw the blog post on your trip down south – looks like you had a whale of a time!


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