Raspberry Bakewell Tartlets

Reading back on my earlier blog posts conjures up funny feelings. I wrote in a different, more burbly style, in a voice that undoubtably sounds more teenagery than my current one (although I was sadly, not). The first time I posted this Bakewell Tart feels like an age away. I was still a student, stressed about exams and training for a marathon I never actually ended up running. I was living in the tiniest room in central London, where all my furniture had to be carefully rearranged if I was to attempt to do so much as a push-up. I could hear every word of the intimate midnight conversations of the flat below me. And my neighbours had a propensity for neon pink boxer shorts.

Well now it’s increasingly like Autumn, although I baked these tarts when it was still Summer. I live in a house again, instead of a flat, and I’m sure I would have to shout quite loudly for my neighbours to hear what I was saying indoors. So when I baked this Bakewell Tart again, it was with rather different feelings in mind.


It’s funny that Bakewell Tart should be so very English in nature, when essentially, it’s a frangipane tart (which we think of as being French) with a layer of jam inside. Its so much better with the extra jam though! I had a lack of flaked almonds, which I usually use as a topping. Instead I plopped a handful of raspberries onto each tart, and it worked really well.


I really like the way the raspberries on top have added a wonderfully complementary burst of juicy fruity flavour. They also kept their shape marvellously. Previously I used blueberries for a similar tart, and they disappeared during baking, leaving rather odd looking black pock-marks on the surface of the tart. I thought the flavours might be too rich for the little ones around, but they wolfed the tarts down and begged for more! Awww, brings a warm glow when my baking gets that kind of response!
To save reposting the recipe, you can find it in my previous post on Bakewell Tart.

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