Deliciousness in Dubrovnik

After all that hard slog, it was time for a break. I went away for a blissful few days, involving plenty of sunshine, glistening blue seas, and delicious seafood…may gratuitous shots of food commence!


Evenings spent beside the Old Town Harbour, eating our bodyweight in seafood, and hungry stray cats lingering for nibbles.


A trip to the Elaphite Islands brought even more beauty.


And of course, even more deliciousness. There is such a wealth of fresh seafood in Croatia. It’s cooked and dressed simply, and tastes gorgeous.


After all that eating, we did a little exercise too. A short hike up Mount Srd rewards you with stunning views across the whole city.


Dubrovnik is used as a location for a lot of scenes in the Game of Thrones TV series, so some of the places look oddly familiar. I’m not a big fan of Game of Thrones myself, but it is always a novelty to see places on the screen in their reality.


And then after all that, a little more food was needed. Seafood, naturally! I got a telling off by the restaurant proprietor – I think he thought I was trying to eat my meal with my hands instead of cutlery – but how else are you supposed to peel a prawn?


By Day five, we were really craving meat, and this meat platter from Taj Mahal (which confusingly, is actually a restaurant serving Bosnian cuisine) ticked all the boxes.


Some more hairy incidents involving a trip to hospital and my car losing some of its front parts happened along the way too, but I’ll try and focus less on the downers, which always inevitably happen when you least want them to. I can confidently say that should you need medical care in Dubrovnik, you won’t be waiting anywhere near as long as you would be in an A&E department here in the UK!

I never end up buying much in the way of souvenirs on holiday, but I did come back with many packets of hazelnut wafers. You can find them all over continental Europe, but rarely, Pink Wafers aside, in the UK. Anyone know why? I’d love to see more of them in the biscuit aisles.

And now, back home, I’ve got the travel bug again. I can’t wait to get planning my next trip away!

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