Apricot and Pistachio Tartlets

I’ve not been keeping up so well with the running this week. It’s a combination of finishing late at work, being stuck in many long traffic jams, and simply finding the motivation after the long hours away from home. I just want to curl up into a comfy corner, and have a little bit of domesticated me-time.

I couldn’t help but find something to bake (and also to use up the leftover pastry from Bakewell Tart making), so here is the delighful-sounding combination that is apricot and pistachio. In tartlet form.


They were pretty, and the colours were lovely, but I was disappointed with the way they tasted. I’m not really sure why. I’ve baked with pistachios before, and loved the results. This time the pistachio filling tasted – well, rather soapy. The apricots weren’t the best specimens either – being a little crunchy and rather flavourless raw. It’s hard to get the really succulent varieties I ate in France last year over here.

So despite appearances, these tarts were sadly not ones to bake again.

I cooked the remaining apricots down with two peaches into a really rather delicious compote, so I might try out another riff on this tartlet theme and see what I come up with instead!


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