Chocolate Fudge Cake

Am I the only person out there who just can’t get into Game of Thrones? It sounds pretty epic – dynasties, dragons, people rampantly doing the two-backed beast left, right and centre, but still…despite watching several episodes and dragging myself through books one, two and four (I missed three and didn’t notice), it’s still not really sparking my interest.

I wonder if it’s because they never eat cake in these books. Just think of Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings and they are full of evocative descriptions of gloriously sweet gluttony. That’s clearly what piques my interest!

So if Game of Thrones could just include a few delights of very moreish cakes, such as this Chocolate Fudge number down below, I’m sure that’d do the trick for sure!

This cake has featured on the blog before. I’ve made it multiple times since, it’s my go-to recipe for birthdays, Christmas, you name it. I baked it when I went to visit A over the bank holiday weekend (it was involved in the crusty/melty oven disaster I mentioned in my post here. But since then, I’ve baked it yet again.


As I decided to make this cake during the working week, I divided up the work into three evenings. On the first, I weighed out my ingredients. The cake was baked on the second, and finally, the third day was a flurry of ganache whisking, pouring, and trying to create artful swirls with a spatula, and a heap of brown-looks-like-you-know-what.


Ganache is so versatile, taking on all sorts of different forms depending on the stage you use it at. I waited until it had cooled to spreading consistency, then filled the cake, and jauntily swirling it on top. If you feel like being a bit more fancy, you can first fill and crumb coat the cake, then reheat the remaining ganache until liquid, and pouring over to form a smoooothly silky glaze.


It was too late to take photos that evening, so I waited until the next morning. It was a grey, dark, drizzly day, so I didn’t get particularly good shots, but I did my best. And then of course, I had to try a teeny slice of cake. Just to make sure it tasted ok… y’know.


The original recipe can be found on BBC Good Food.


I’m getting a new camera soon, so keep your eyes peeled for some (hopefully) improved photography round this little blog to come!


9 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Cake

  1. Oh my! This looks soooooo good! I love your artsy swirls in the ganache 🙂

    I wanted to watch Game of Thrones because I love anything that has to do with the Middle Ages… But I just don’t have time 😦 maybe later 🙂 they really don’t eat sweets??


  2. Mmmmmm, I currently have all the ingredients for the default chocolate cake I usually make. Your post makes me want to make one, like, now!

    I’m another person in the world who doesn’t get the whole Game of Thrones thing. You are not alone. LOL


  3. I am SO glad you admitted not liking the Game of Thrones!! My brother gave me the first two series to watch and after 5 episodes I still wasn’t enjoying it. I didn’t find any of the characters particularly likeable, the sex scenes are mostly unnecessary/pointless to the storylines and I found a lot of it extremely offensive to women which made me mad! I persevered and watched it, and admittedly I found it improved and I started liking a few characters, but I can’t say I’m desperate to watch the remaining two series. Other than the gorgeous costumes I feel a bit “meh” about the whole thing, which is a shame as it should have been right up my street.

    Sorry for the Game of Thrones rant, I had to vent to someboby! Your chocolate cake looks stunning. I want to dive into the thick ganache swirls.


  4. I know what you mean about the TV show! But they do eat lots of cakes in the books actually – here’s a quote I particularly liked from the series:

    “She still remembered the innkeep, a fat woman named Masha Heddle who chewed sourleaf night and day and seemed to have an endless supply of smiles and sweet cakes for the children. The sweet cakes had been soaked with honey, rich and heavy on the tongue…”

    So maybe give the books another go! They might just rival your chocolate cake, which looks richly decadent and delicious…:) x


  5. Looks great. For years I’ve been trying to get a go-to choc cake so will have to try this one.

    As for Game of Thrones – I can understand how you might not get into it. I almost gave up on the first episode of the show, and the books get pretty dull after the first few. They really need a good edit. In fact, the show is arguably better than the books as it’s more succinct.

    Inn at the Crossroads has created recipes from some of the cakes and sweets mentioned in the books:

    I’ve not tried any yet, though I did do a GoT inspired bread – my own recipe:


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