French Yoghurt Cake

It’s pretty challenging figuring out how to work a new oven. Over time, I’ve baked in horrible studenty ovens that have either fried the cake from above or below, and set it on the grill by accident, or simply just turned the oven light, and nothing else on.

After a recent liquidy/crusty cake disaster at A’s house (they still ate the results with gusto?!) I decided to go back to a simple recipe, and bake a classic French yoghurt cake. Even French toddlers apparently make this with their eyes shut, so how could I get this wrong?

Armed with two pots of yoghurt, and some lovely new magic non-stick liner, I set to work. Here is the result!


The recipe can be found at my fave Frenchie blog, Chocolate and Zucchini. It took longer to bake in my oven – around 45 minutes in total, but I covered the top with foil 30 minutes into baking to prevent the top from scorching. I also used two pots of strawberry yoghurts so it has an even better flavour!

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