Pierre Hermé Salted Caramel Macarons

Mmmm, more macarons!


I finally succumbed, and bought the much-coveted Macarons, baking bible for Pierre Hermé addicts. Of course, as soon as I started flipping through the pages, the urge to bake caught up with me. I just had to try his salted caramel macarons.


My last attempt at making salted caramel macarons had been a mixed bag. The macarons had been slightly over-baked and my salted caramel cream had been too buttery, so this time I was looking forward to using Pierre Hermé’s own recipe to get the rich salty, buttery perfection I was longing after.


This was also my second try with Pierre Hermé’s italian meringue method. Previously, I had always used Ottolenghi’s recipe, which is based on the french meringue method. These two methods are often compared, and technically the italian meringue creates a more stable structure, and is more foolproof, but my Ottolenghi recipe always worked brilliantly, so I guess you can take your pick and go with the flow!

The Pierre Hermé recipe, as expected, requires quite a lot of concentration, and is more technically challenging than the Ottolenghi one. However, it is utterly divine.


The salted caramel filling contains a surprisingly large quantity of butter. I noted that there are two recipes for this floating around on the internet. For example, the one posted by Edd Kimber here has noticeably different proportions to the recipe contained in my copy of Macarons. I’d say they turned out, flavour and texture-wise, very similar. Perhaps the Macarons recipe holds a stronger salted caramel flavour, but I may have also been braver in letting my caramel go that little bit darker.


It’s nice to know that you can make the salted caramel filling a day or two in advance before making the macarons themselves. Just rebeat it into piping consistency when it’s needed. Oddly, it looks a little darker, but no less delicious.

One big note of caution – be careful not to add too much extra liquid or the macarons won’t rise properly. I have most definitely made this mistake many a time before! You can avoid this issue by using paste/powder food colourings instead, but I’ve not acquired any as yet.


Also, if you are just starting out with macaron making, and need a bit of extra guidance, I’ve discovered a rather brilliant macaron troubleshooting guide on Adriano Zumbo’s website which is extremely useful.


18 thoughts on “Pierre Hermé Salted Caramel Macarons

  1. mmm I love macarons…never tried the salted caramel ones, but have seen them in many tv shows and want to try out maybe next time I go to Paris 🙂


  2. Wow, these look French-patisserie-shop-window perfect! I’ve only made macarons once using the french meringue method and I was surprised by how well they turned out (certainly not perfect, but not a disaster either) but I’ve been too scared to attempt them again!


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! When I started out making them, I had a lot of failed attempts but somehow with (a lot of) practice they just got better. Now the problem is I can’t seem to stop making them!


  3. I just start doing macarons and they failed. I used french meringue method but the macaron shells were hallow. I want to make it perfect like you did. Your macarons looks very good. Next time I will try to use italian meringe. I just bought pierre herme macaron recipe for few day. 🙂


  4. They look absolutely glorious. I am also returning the favour of following your blog. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    Jack, xxx


  5. Hi Ella
    just went into your blog while searching for salted caramel.I realised you do not add any salt to filling?will it be too sweet?just wondering?


    1. Hi Ann, thanks for your question! If you use a lightly salted butter, then the flavour of the salt should come through from that. I don’t find the filling too sweet, but I guess at the end of the day it is all down to personal taste! Feel free to experiment and do let me know the results 🙂


  6. Hi there, just stumbled onto your blog. Your salted caramel macarons look divine!!! I’ve been wanting to bake salted caramel macarons after trying pierre Herme’s! I couldn’t seem to find or see any recipe of the salted caramel filling in your blog, would you kindly share the recipe with me please?


    1. Hello, thanks for commenting! I did previously have the recipe on my blog but due to copyright reasons I decided to remove this. There are other websites on the internet that have a close variation of it, or there is always Pierre Hermé’s book 🙂


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