Salted Caramel

Saturday was a Salted Caramel Day.

Let me start with why. I adore Waitrose’s caramel dipping sauce. It’s like thick, edible gold, rich and scrummy. Sadly, I don’t live near enough Waitrose anymore to get my caramel fix whenever it rolls by (sob, sob). But I did buy a pot of double cream, and turned to the internet to see what solutions it could come up with.

The result was this:DSC07328


I first cooked Rachel Khoo’s recipe from The Little Paris Kitchen. I don’t own the cookbook, but watched her cooking from YouTube. Video link here. I love her cutesy vintage dresses, fringe and red red lipstick. Oh, if only I was Rachel Khoo.

The second sauce I whipped up was from another doyen of the kitchen, Nigella. Her recipe was really straightforward. I cooked it a little longer than the recipe stated just because I wanted this one to turn out a gloopier thickness.

Needless to say, both caramels were very, very tasty.

Rachel Khoo’s caramel was like eating a handful of Wether’s Originals toffees, melted down into this….


Nigella’s caramel was a lighter shade of gold, and sweeter too. I was a wimp when it came to adding salt, and erred on the safer side of that half teaspoon, but next time I’d be much happier going with a full whammy.


I can’t resist saying that my fridge looks incredibly tempting with these pots of edible gold hiding inside. Mmmmmm, just think how amazing these would be on pancakes tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Salted Caramel

  1. Love salted caramel! Mmm! I’ve added it to whipped cream for caramel cream and have some left… I’m SO putting it on pancakes tomorrow with bananas! Yumyum! 😀


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