Spring Flowers, and Rescued Flapjacks

Running is tough on the ground at the moment. The UK’s been getting a lot of rain, and so its pretty slippery going. I just have to be thankful I’m not planning on training for a marathon anymore, as that route is most certainly submerged underwater.

Anyway, instead of going outdoors and engaging in a lot of exercise, I had a beautifully relaxing Saturday. The house has been brightened up with a beautiful big bunch of fragrant white flowers (I shamefully still don’t know what kind of flowers they are).


I’ve also got a newly made batch of puff pastry chilling in the fridge, and flapjacks cooling on the kitchen counter.


These flapjacks started out as a Sophie Dahl flapjack recipe which didn’t quite work out for me, as they ended up being a little drier and crumblier than I’d like. However, I found the coconut a fabulous addition, so broke down the crumbly mixture, and remade it up into this batch, which turned out much more to everybody’s liking.

Reading-wise, I’m working my way through The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket. It’s rather beautifully written, and encourages you to take one step back, and really truly appreciate all the good simple pleasures of life. Flapjacks are most certainly encouraged!

On another note, I’ve finally signed up to Bloglovin’ and so if you want to follow me on there, just click the Bloglovin’ button on the right and it’ll take you right there. 🙂


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