Macarons with White Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache

Surprisingly, macarons get most of their flavour from the fillings sandwiched between them. I’ve tried buttercream and jams, but was on the hunt for a more authetic fruity flavour.


Enter this exciting ganache. It is the perfect balance of creamy, with just a hint of tang, and you don’t even need any artificial colours to get a striking shade of pink in there too.


I’ve kept the shells in their natural colour, but you could easily add in a little powdered food colouring to add a burst of colour. Synthetic food colourings are needed for really bold shades  – more natural sources tend to fade on baking.


With practice, macarons are surprisingly speedy to make – it’s possible to whip up a batch in an hour. I think that’s the time it’d take me to bake a batch of brownies! But macarons have the kudos of being far, far more sophisticated.


I really don’t think I’m ever going to be sick of macarons….how can anybody possibly resist such cuteness?


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