“That Little Black” Chocolate Cake

Apologies for readers of this blog, yesterday I accidentally published an unfinished post for next week. If you haven’t seen it already, then expect something something nice, and full of spice!

Meanwhile, here’s another cake to tide you over. Here is the baking equivalent of fashion’s Little Black Dress.


The LBC (Little Black Cake) is the perfect dinner party dessert. It needs to be both decadent and delicious, certain to please the crowd, and easy to whip up on the day with minimal fuss.

My LBC is Sophie Dahl’s gorgeous flourless chocolate cake*

It’s not the only flourless chocolate cake out there, but it’s certainly a good ‘un. One of these days I will also get round to making Ottolenghi’s version, which has similar ratios of ingredients, but utilises a completely different method to create a multi-textured marvel.

Sophie Dahl’s cake is pretty straightforward. Apart from a food processor, you don’t need much in the way of fancy gadgetry. The cake itself does a fair amount of oven gymnastics, ballooning up and then sinking gracefully down again on cooling.


The crater that forms is the perfect receptacle for a generous filling of créme fraîche and fruit.  I found that the top got slightly burnt due to the length of time the cake needed in the oven, although it doesn’t hinder the rich chocolate flavour at all. You can try covering the cake with foil 30 minutes into baking to prevent this from happening.

Flavourwise, it’s pure chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Yet the texture is so light and moussey, it stops the cake getting too rich or cloying, so you could definitely fit in a piece after dinner.

Maybe even two.

* This cake is also known by the affectionate epithet of Cowpat Cake in the family. You can see why.


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