Blueberry Jam Flapjacks

I can’t decide how I feel about Richard Curtis’ latest film About Time.

Curtis is certainly an excellent PR machine for English tourism. The film progresses through soft-tinted shots of beautiful Cornish countryside, white fronted villas of South Kensington, and delves joyfully into the London art and culture scene. There’s even a whole sequence utilising the quirks of the London Underground.


The usual Curtis elements were all present and correct – posh Hugh Grant voice-clone, American leading lady, kooky kid sister, eccentric parents and oh yah, we are Terribly English dahling!

Yeah it was an alright film to escape away to for a few hours. I guess I had a problem with the fact it was so soppy in a “I might vom if they go down that escalator in that smug-coupley-matchy way again”. And the other issue was Curtis’ usual message that at the end of the day “Love Conquers All.” I realise this is a rom-com and doesn’t reflect real life at all, but I guess you grow more cynical and grumpy-old-woman with age, eh?

All this has very little relevance to these blueberry jam bars, but I suppose if I had to really stretch for a link, how about the Anglo-American angle from Richard Curtis’ films summed up into the Anglo-American that is a very English flapjack sandwiched with blueberry jam?


It’s very easy to make, and I confess that I did use the blueberry jam mostly as a way of preventing waste. Nobody in this household appreciates it on their toast, which is sad, because blueberry jam is a truly lovely thing.


Note, despite my mixed feelings about About Time, I do like the Ellie Goulding cover of the song playing during the Underground scene.

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