More Pierre

Some days are just meant to be good. That was today 🙂

I spent hours in the heartland of London’s shopping district systemically emptying the shops of clothes, shoes and accessories on my annual sales spending spree. I had completely forgotten how much better the stock is in central London, and it was hard to hold back with so much on offer! Westfield simply pales in comparison.

To finish off an exhausting day (surely shopping must be exercise), I treated myself to some Pierre Hermé goodies.


I love the little drawing of the patissier himself on this London themed macaron box.



So many delicous macarons to choose from. I stuck with salted caramel again, as it’s such a classic, but tried five new flavours to tickle the tastebuds. The velouté isphahan was gorgeous, as well as the velouté framboise – but it has to be said that the velouté citron vert was a resounding winner of new macaron favourite. It was a fantastically sharp burst of tangy lime and yoghurt that made my tongue curl in delight.


My pockets are well and truly emptied, but satisfyingly so!

Later: I’ve now tried the pates de fruits too, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of them. It’s far too much like eating a fruity sugar cube, or a solid square of jam!


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