Chocolate Ganache Macarons

With macarons, it seems that practice really does work its magic. I’ve stopped using the dodgy baking tray, and to my delight, it has done the trick. This batch includes all salient features of feet, non-explosiveness, and shell solidity that give macaron-makers cause for joy. Again I used a recipe from the Ottolenghi cookbook, and replaced part of the ground almonds with cocoa powder.


As usual, I kept the macarons simple. No fancy decorations, just great chocolate. Each macaron is sandwiched with a rich dark chocolate ganache filling. Short on cream in the kitchen, I improvised by heating up  50ml milk with a dab of butter, and melting 120g coarsely chopped dark chocolate into this. Silky and shiny, it formed a great filling.


Unfortunately the light was grey and weak today, but I did my best to photograph the macarons to their best advantage.


Be careful when choosing macaron fillings. They are such sugary beasts that a sweet filling can overwhelm the palate. Stick to sharper flavours, and you can’t go wrong. Here, the use of a bitter dark chocolate pairs perfectly. Fresh tart berry flavours would also fantastic, and that is definitely one to try.


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