Scrumptious Sydney

Vibrant, busy, bustling…Sydney is truly a spectacular city bursting with life.

I arrived in Sydney during the exciting Vivid light event taking place. The entirety of the harbour was lit up every evening with a blazing feast for the eyes, and there was plenty to play around with too, from the movement activated light displays, to the Avatar-esque glowing plant forms.


It was an easy couple of hours entertainment to wander around and soak up the lively weekend atmosphere.


Sydney is also a great city for food. I’ve already mentioned my excursion to the famous Bourke Street Bakery, and the even-better La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie, but there are so many other gems out there I wish I had longer to explore them all.


In The Rocks, a picturesque, historical area of Sydney, there were food stalls crammed into the streets, serving all forms of global cuisine. Next door, a kitsch German-themed bar catered to what looked like hundreds of happy beer-drinkers as they were served by dirndl and lederhosen garbed staff.

The flavours of the food were simple, punchy, and delicious. I had a beef steak sandwich on one occasion, and came back for the turkish gözleme the next. The gözleme strangely reminded me of the savoury flatbreads I sometimes make at home, only this was filled with cheese, spinach, and a spicy mixture of ground chicken. So one I might try to reproduce when I return home, although I am increasingly curious to know what kind of cheese they used for the filling….

To sate my sweet tooth, I also found heavy appreciation in polishing off a plate of miniature pancakes, topped with melted butter, icing sugar, sliced strawberries, and a squirt of whipped cream.

There were many other great foodie places, that sadly I just can’t list them all. Kudos goes to the bakery in Katoomba for their potato-and-rosemary pizza. Unusual toppings, but it worked so very well. Perfect after an invigorating hike in the Blue Mountains.


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