La Renaissance Cafe on The Rocks, Sydney

I’ve found pastry nirvana in Sydney. and it just so happened to be right on my doorstep.

This French bakery shines with its gorgeous, fresh and flavoursome produce. First I was hooked with their excellent almond croissants. Meltingly divine -a crisp sugary crust, buttery layers of pastry underneath, then finally the soft almond cream heart.

I couldn’t resist going back to try their other creations. The pear danish was a sumptuous blend of sweet, tender fruit under a bed of crisp pastry.

Then came la piece de resistance – the tartlets. I picked traditional flavours – going for a glazed mixed fruit tart on a bed of creme patisserie, then a Valrhona chocolate tart with a peanut caramel filling. Both were sheer heaven.

La renaissance cafe has given me some inspiration to continue improving my own baking. I could definitely anticipate adding a nutty caramel twist to a chocolate tart, or challenging myself by learning how to make creme patisserie for a tart filling, instead of plumping for easier alternatives.


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