Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney

Bourke Street Bakery has an international reputation that surpasses any bakery in Australia. I knew as soon as I landed at the airport I would be paying Bourke Street a visit. Nestled in an inauspicious corner of Sydney, the premises are surprisingly tiny – the window crammed full of rustic breads and tarts. As it was lunchtime, I opted for savoury bake in the form of a cute quiche. The sweet offerings looked so tantalising I couldn’t resist and ordered two tarts – chocolate and a ginger creme brûlée.


The quiche was very ordinary in taste, with a tough unamenable pastry crust. A little dissatisfied with that, I eyed up the two sweet tarts with trepidation.


Well I needn’t have worried there, because they were brilliant. The chocolate tart had just the right balance of creamy, sweet and rich. The creme brûlée tart had a powerful ginger kick, with a delightful caramelised sugar crust and unctuous oozy creamy filling. I left knowing that just for that ginger creme brûlée tart, it had been worth it. I am now intrigued to know if the bakery publish a version of their recipe as I’d been keen to try it out!

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