Macarons – by Pierre Hermé

My my my, so after reading all about Paris in Laura Florand’s The Chocolate Kiss, I had a desperate hankering for some Parisian patisserie. As the book was clearly inspired by the workings of a certain Pierre Hermé, let’s say I had a pretty good idea of which place I was going to pay a trip to.

Macarons are my personal baking devil. To be fair, I haven’t tried a lot of the more difficult techniques in pastry-making, so perhaps puff pastry would be even more of a nemesis, but I’ve only been really happy with the visual appearance of my macarons on one or two occasions.

Of course, the master of the art gets them down to a swoonworthily symmetrical beauty.


And in order of macaron love…

  1. Salted caramel – gorgeous texture on biting into it, and rich salty buttery caramel heaven
  2. Hazelnut praline – because I love all praline hazelnut creations beyond rational reasoning
  3. Olive oil and vanilla – which astonishingly, beyond all reasoning – actually works!?
  4. Porcelana chocolate – really good chewy texture, delicious but predictable.
  5. Passionfruit (?) – a seasonal special, I believe. Beautifully flavoured, but a bit soggy
  6. Morello cherry, lemon and tonka bean – again a seasonal special with big flavour but soggy macaron


If you haven’t got any French patisseries or chocolateries handy to sate your craving, then have a go at making one of these really easy chocolate truffle (or truffe aux chocolat) recipes. You can also try making macarons too, if you want to end up like the crazy beast who tried 10000000 times in a row and failed.

Or just buy them.

And cry a little inside. 


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