Back to (Running) Basics

As I said in a recent post, I have been finding it difficult getting out and running regularly. In the last week, there have been budding signs of improvement…I have managed to go out for a run for five consecutive days!

Anyway, nothing spectacular in terms of distances yet, but I’m just glad I’m throwing myself out there. What’s changed? Well, I did take quite a long break from my old running routine, and I’m not back into it yet. I’ve tried to take everything back to the way it was when I first started.

  1. Not caring about distances covered. 
  2. Slowing down, or walking for a bit up some steep inclines
  3. Going out when I felt most energetic and motivated – which isn’t necessarily first thing in the morning
  4. Not forcing myself to run in a tempest, or snowstorm, or pelting rain.
  5. Changing my music
  6. Not even wearing my normal running kit…just going out there in whatever old comfy clothes I happen to be wearing that day
  7. Mixing up my fitness routine – be it walking or cycling or dancing

I hope it’s working. I definitely feel refreshed, and the mental exhaustion that was plaguing me before seems to be slowly clearing. No marathons for a while though, that’s for sure.

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