Baci di Dama


Baci di Dama, also known as Lady’s Kisses, are Italian hazelnut biscuits sandwiched together with a dollop of chocolate. I first saw them on David Lebovitz’s blog, and then a couple of months later, when an Italian friend introduced me to these delights. And with the newly replenished stock of hazelnuts in my baking cupboard, here finally was my opportunity to recreate these delights!

I can’t resist playing with a recipe. I had made some hazelnut butter, and wondered if that would make a good subtitute for part of the butter, and I wanted to reduce the butter content anyway. I decided to make a small batch following David Lebovitz’s recipe, and one batch reducing the butter content and replacing it with hazelnut paste.

The biscuits smelled wonderful as they were baking. All of the biscuits had a fantastic flavour, and short crumbly texture, which made for slightly messy eating! The hazelnut butter batch was slightly less cracked in appearance, and tasted just as great.

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