Running in Winter

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to keep running when it gets cold and dark. I certainly find it incredibly hard. But here are my top tips for keeping yourself going when all you’d rather do is snuggle up in your PJs, cracking out the Cadburys….

  1. Go running first thing in the morning, even if it’s dark. Think about how you’ll get to enjoy watching the sun rise as you run. Other motivating mantras at this difficult time include: “I will work up a wonderful appetite for breakfast” and “My boss will be incredibly impressed at how wide awake I am in the boring morning meeting, thanks to the exercise endorphins buzzing through my body…” Your muscles will also be nice and warm from being snuggled up under the duvet, instead of stiff and cold from sitting all day in a slightly chilly room.
  2. If you can’t run because you have to get to work too early, try making it part of your morning commute.
  3. Make it a fixed part of your routine. Don’t keep changing the times you head out. Then you’ll feel off when you aren’t actually running at that time.
  4. Wear lots of layers when running, including gloves, and waterproofs when it rains. Fewer excuses.
  5. Wear decent running shoes that cope with slippery, icy and muddy conditions. Those trail shoes may be expensive but they are worth it!
  6. Short runs, but often are the key. Tell yourself you’ll just do a quickie, and be back in no time, and see how you feel once you’re out there and warmed up.
  7. Play your favourite dance tracks as you run, to get you energised!

Now I’m just going to have to practice what I preach!


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