Anyone who knows me well will know that I love scones. I had a strong hankering after some today, and being rainy, it seemed like the perfect baking weather. I wanted to try out Dan Lepard’s recipe for his Everyday Scones, which changes the original method to mix together natural yoghurt, a small amount of sugar and some cream in with flour and raising agent. I didn’t have the exact ingredients available, so I used self-raising flour instead of adding bicarbonate and cream of tartar – and single cream was on offer so I used that instead of the double cream Dan Lepard states in his recipe.

I also made some fruit scones by adding a handful of sultanas to my go-to scone recipe. I used single cream here as I was trying to use it up but personally I would stick to milk as cream imparts too rich a flavour which is slightly sickening.

Although it is not essential to eggwash the tops of the scones before baking, they do go a beautiful golden colour which makes them look infinitely more tempting. The Dan Lepard scones came out looking a bit neater, but I think the lopsided nature of the fruited scones may have been thanks to the presence of the sultanas, which I imagine have have a distorting effect on the rise.

I managed to go for a run this morning. It was very difficult getting myself going, I was horribly congested, and I think a lot of passersby looked at me like I was mad, but I did it! Woohoo. Felt fine afterwards, no worse, but no better than before. I think being in a steamy kitchen baking helped a lot though! 😀


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