Autumnal Weekend

After a very busy and stressful week, it was nice to sit back and take some time out at the weekend. 🙂 I made the most of the Autumn sunshine, and headed out for a lovely 18km run on Saturday. It was surprisingly quite dry, and I only got a little bit muddy, which is always good 🙂

On Sunday I was feeling a bit stiff, so I stretched my legs out and went for a nice long ramble in the morning, and a relaxing swim in the afternoon. There was just-baked crumble waiting for me when I got back – made with the windfall apples and some foraged blackberries – yum! It made a great post-workout snack with some Yeo Valley yoghurt. Shame I forgot to take a photo!

I still feel a bit stiff today after my long run at the weekend, and I decided to cut my workout short with  6.5km run instead, which was just about manageable! I’m hoping that it isn’t too wet in the following week as I do want to get a fair amount of running in, though I do wonder whether it would be worthwhile doing more of the other forms of exercise I also enjoy. I guess I prefer running because it’s much easier than having to travel to the gym 😀

I really feel like Autumn has arrived now – there’s a definite chill to the air and my coat is staying firmly on when I venture outdoors. I feel like the seasons have changed astonishingly quickly this year, I swear it was only moments ago that it was August and I was swelteringly hot – phew.

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