Pretty Toes and Slinky Soles

Running has some drawbacks.

One of them is the affliction commonly known as “Ergh, your feet are really gross!” a.k.a “Ugly Runner’s Foot.”

Running is terribly unkind to your feet. Your feet become resilient to knocks by developing thick soles of skin, and your toenails get some hard knocks too.

But fear not – even though this is a common situation with runners clocking up hefty mileage – with a little bit of TLC, your feet will be perfectly pretty again.

  • Firstly invest in a good pair of running shoes and wear decent socks which are on the thicker side, or have two layers for anti-blister formation
  • Soak your soles in lemon juice, then use a foot file to remove excess hard skin. This is much more effective than using a foot softening cream (and those creams also stink).
  • Moisturise your feet
  • Paint your toenails a pretty colour to distract from the blisters, callus and the fact your toenail has actually turned black
  • Treat athlete’s foot ASAP. You can buy antifungal creams over-the-counter at the chemists

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