Macaron Success!

I made macaroons, hooray!


Macarons are notorious amongst the baking community for being really hard to make. I am still in the process of trying to use up annoying random ingredients and saw this as a great way of utilising the ground hazelnuts I optimistically bought whilst holidaying in France.

The first batch of macaroons were distinctly lopsided, thanks to a combination of too-thick macaroon mixture, and an uneven baking surface. Undeterred, I tried again with the rest of the ground hazelnuts, and amidst the exploding shells, I turned out 6 absolute beauties!

I’m so unbelieveably proud of myself, I can’t stop beaming when I look at them. They tasted incredible as well – my favourite flavour has always been hazelnut anyway so they really hit the spot. Intense nutty flavour, crisp shell and chewy middle…yum yum yum. Next time I will play around with ground almonds and food colouring, can’t quite believe I actually made macaroons!

I wasn’t sure what to fill them with – in an ideal world a hazelnut buttercream would be perfect. I had a lot of chocolate so made a rough kind of ganache. It actually worked brilliantly – the bitterness of the dark chocolate really offset the sweet chewiness of the macaroon itself.

As well as baking, I have also been getting my crafty hat on. I’ve been thinking that my Daniel Craig teatowel is a bit wasted for drying dishes, and with the right sewing, would make an excellent apron. So that’s the next project lined up! 🙂

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