Biscuits and Books

Today I took a short trip towards Piccadilly in search of some fancy biscuits from Fortnum & Mason’s. Battling my way through hoards of tourists, I saw musical tins, boxes of heritage biscuits, chocolate biscuits and rather plain biscuits – but none of them really quite caught my eye. I do like the musical biscuit tins, but I was given one of them for a birthday many moons ago, so I haven’t really felt the need to go and buy another one!

Besides, the best biscuit recipe I’ve ever tried out has been my ever faithful fork biscuit one, thanks to Queen Mary of Berry. It can be found here. 

The joys of biscuit tins notwithstanding, Piccadilly does have another very, very attractive feature. It is in fact home to the largest bookshop in Europe – and it’s huuuge! I certainly had a very good time wandering all FIVE floors perusing at my ease, and I came out with several interesting choices….the great thing about this bookshop is I literally felt like I was browsing on, for instance, – only I was actually able to read all the books immediately, buy them, and take them home straight away. Oh the novelty.

They had a very interesting range of grey-bound books by lesser known female writers, and I just wanted to buy ALL of them. Shame they were rather expensive at £14 a volume, so I left with just one, The Making of a Marchioness by the author Frances Hodgson Burnett – known for writing the popular children’s book The Secret Garden.


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