Banoffee Pie made complicated

Phew it’s been absolutely boiling this weekend! I’ve had a great time with loads of stuff going on. Firstly we went out for afternoon tea for a friend’s birthday – which was absolutely gorgeous. I LOVED the scones, give me them over cake any day!

I also had a birthday request for a Banoffee Pie!

It was very straightforward, though I made things more complicated by a determination to use up the extra ingredients cluttering up the kitchen. The base was made from an oat biscuit mix, that I baked before blitzing into crumbs. The caramel part was a bit of a kitchen improvisation. I made a caramel by heating caster sugar and muscovado sugar together with some water, and when this started bubbling, added the best part of a packet of butter. Then I realised that by mixing some dried skimmed milk with a little of the caramel, I was making something that seemed remarkably just like condensed milk! So I made a paste from milk powder and caramel, then added this to the bubbling caramel mixture, along with a hefty squeeze of glucose syrup, and heated it gently. It was a bit lumpy with bits of undissolved milk powder and burnt sugar that had caught, so it needed a bit of sieving, but that worked a treat, and I poured it into the biscuit case.

2 bananas were duly sliced and arranged on top, it was left to set in the fridge again, and all that was left was to whip up some cream (I had some frozen away) and sprinkle chocolate on top to finish – hey presto!

The verdict on the pie was excellent. I also noticed that there are a lot of websites telling you how to make condensed milk yourself if you want to give it a go. It looks extremely straightforward and the method very similar to the one I used here.

I picked up some new books whilst shopping today. I really enjoyed reading the Hunger Games, so picked up Delirium, which is also set in a dystopian US society. To my delight, it is part of a trilogy so I’ll be picking the other books up soon! Phew, can’t wait for the next weekend!

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