Fab Flapjacks

Today, I went to watch the Women’s marathon, and it was awesome! I walked around a bit to get several vantage points, and it was fantastic seeing the Ethiopians taking the lead, and what a wonderful sense of support from the crowd. Truly inspirational!


Possibly in light of this, baking this weekend also took on an athletic sort of theme. Athletes like to fuel themselves with things like oats and bananas…so I made errm, unhealthified versions of both. I used the recipe for Butterscotch Banana Loaf in Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet, and it turned out really well.

Then as for the oats, well, I made a big batch of flapjacks. I had no idea until I started food-blogging that flapjacks in the USA are a kind of pancake. This is an intriguing thought, as in the UK, flapjacks are as about as far from pancakes as you can possibly get.
It’s essentially a suspension of oats in a thick caramel. Incredibly sweet, rich and moreish. They are undoubtedly a great booster when your energy levels are flagging, though how much healthier they are in comparison with say, a banana, is somewhat debatable.

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